February 25 – Saint Caesarius Nazianzen

Brother of Gregory Nazianzen. Both received an excellent education. Gregory wanted to be priest and Caesarius a doctor. He was such a great doctor that the emperor Constans wanted him to be his personal doctor. Even though Caesarius at first kindly refused, he was called once more to the court when the Julian the Apostate, became emperor. Julian left his Christian faith and began to presecute Christians. He tried to convince Caesarius to also leave his faith, by offering him money and privileges. Caesarius refused and returned to his home and continued to practice medicine. Sometime after, Caesarius was close to dying in an earthquake. He came out unharmed, but felt God calling him to live a life of prayer far from the adulation of the court. He gave all his processions to the poor and began to live a life of silence and prayer.

Have you lived through a situation that called you to a life of more prayer? How did you respond?


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