January 31 - Saint John Bosco


John was the son of Italian farmers. When he was just two-years-old, his father died and his mother had to support the family. John wanted to be a priest but didn’t say anything because he was aware that his family could not pay for his studies. A priest finally noticed John’s desires and helped him to enter the seminary where he worked in all sorts of things in order to pay for his studies. When he became a priest, he started a great ministry helping homeless young people and teaching diverse job skills. He would bring them home and at one point he had up to 150 young people under his roof. St. John founded a congregation of priests and brothers called the Salesians. Afterward, with Sister Maria Mazzarello, he helped to found the woman’s order.

Which of your own life experiences do you consider can be used for the good of others? What things have you learned that can be taught to others in need?


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