January 30 – Saint Bathildis

Her story could pass for a fairy tale. Born in the 7th century, Bathildis was only a girl when she was captured by pirates and sold as a slave to the court of king Clovis in France. Her patience, sweetness and responsibility with her work called the attention of the king, who fell in love with her. They married and had three sons. At Clovis’ death, the youngest son was only five at the time, so Bathildis had to take over the kingdom. She ruled with wisdom and compassion for the poor. She protected the slaves. She built many hospitals and started a seminary and a convent. When her son was finally able to assume the kingdom, she joined the nuns in the convent. She never demanded anything and continued to be kind and caring to the sick.  

Is it sometimes hard for you to be nice and kind?


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