January 30 - Saint Bathildis


Bathildis was still a child when she was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave in the palace of King Clovis. She was helpful, kind, and peaceful that even the King started to notice her and was impressed, so much so that he decided to marry her. They had three sons. Clovis died early but Bathildis manage to impress everyone with her leadership skills. But she never forgot her origins and treated everyone as precious, beloved children of God. She care for the poor, founded hospitals, and opened a seminary and a convent. In the end, Bathildis entered the convent and devoted herself to prayer.

Do you appreciate your roots? Have you ever felt a certain rejection for the culture of your parents because you wanted to fit in with the group of your non-Hispanic peers? If you have success in life, do you think you could easily forget your origins?


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