January 28 - Saint Thomas Aquinas


A young man from a wealthy family, Thomas had a brilliant mind but never bragged about it. As a child he was sent to a Benedictine Abbey to study and then to Naples to complete his education. His family had great aspirations for him, however, Thomas wanted to follow Christ and become a Dominican. His brothers kidnapped Thomas so that he could not follow his vocation and imprisoned him in a castle for over a year. Thomas, however, spoke about discipleship with such joy, that his sister decided to become a nun. After 15 months, he was set free to pursue his own life. Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote great theological works which today are the foundation for many theological studies. He is the patron of universities and schools.

Are you interested in studying? Are you aware that, through it, you fulfill God’s will for you? How would you respond to your family if they did not agree with your vocation in life?


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