January 24 – Saint Francis de Sales

He was the son of a very rich family and received an excellent education as a lawyer. He worked a lot, but did not find any interest in gaining important positions. He felt a calling from within to leave everything and become a priest. His family was very disappointed with his decision, since they had wanted Francis to be highly promoted.

After becoming an ordained priest, he volunteered to travel to a very divided and dangerous French area. His father refused, but Francis and another priest friend left and confronted all types of difficulties with great patience and strength. Little by little, the people were returning to the Church. Later, Francis was ordained bishop of Geneva, Switzerland and with the help of Saint Joan de Chantal, founded a congregation of religious, the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary. Francis wrote many books about spiritual life. He is the patron of journalists.  

Do you remain firm in your decisions, but at the same time defend them with strength and patience than by force?


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