January 23 - Saint John the Almsgiver


John was a rich nobleman who lived in Egypt. When his wife died, he became a priest. He was consecrated patriarch of Alexandria and used his influence and capacity to heal the divisions of the people. John made a commitment to practice charity without limits. He asked for the list of his masters and when they asked him to explain whom he was referring to, he said that to the poor. They gave him a list of 7,500 and he made a commitment to being their personal protector. His government was respectful and kind, but firm. He was willing to receive anyone who wanted to talk with him, regardless of whether the person was rich or destitute. John found a treasure in the temple and divided it among hospitals and monasteries. He helped the rich to be generous, and the poor to trust in God´s providence.

What are the needs near me? If I have any ability or power, how do I use it for the good of others?


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