World Youth Day Catechesis 4-Part 2


Jesus offers the signs of the Kingdom: Forgiveness of Sins & Miracles

From life
What do you find hard to forgive? Do you often feel the need to take revenge into your own hands? Do you find it difficult to forgive your family members for their actions in hindering the family’s happiness and progress? Do you feel at times that you have been deeply and personally hurt, even in your dignity and self-esteem?

When we feel this way, and it is difficult to forgive, we must sometimes face our own limitations. There are things we regret having done because it has hurt others. There are betrayals, small or big, which we have done against those we love and even to ourselves.  When we feel like a failure, limited or betrayed… who can help us heal and return to our proper dignity?

Where Jesus offers remedies for everything
Read the parable of the prodigal son in Luke.

Jesus is the mercy of God incarnate. Jesus shows us the kind of father that God is. A child can be fragile and rebel against his or her parents, rejecting them and even leaving the home; can be lost and fall to the lowest point. God is a father who respects the freedom of his child, even of he or she decides to leave and turn their back on him.  God is a father who knows how to wait for his child and embraces him upon his return without reprimand or punishment. He is a father who forgives and celebrates the return.

The love of God is merciful and always accepts everyone.

The signs of miracles
Sometimes we want to see signs, proof, and ask for miracles in our live: to pass a test we are unprepared for; find something we lost; to heal from an illness…

The miracles by Jesus are not simply proof of his power, but signs that God is present in our life and humanity. Many of the major miracles are not wonderful signs or surprising, but they are realized within ourselves when we are healed from a bitterness or resentment; when we gain the strength to do something we considered too difficult; when we find in ourselves the wisdom, compassion and enlightenment to do works of love and not vengeance.

The Good News

Jesus reveals in himself the closeness to God. We are fascinated by the good Teacher in whom we can find all that we need. By being reached by the gospel, our limitations are also patented, along with the many ways of selfishness that block and enslave us. But it is here where the Lord comes to free us.

Do we really seek to be free from the ties that prevent us from everything that is good? What ties are holding us back, preventing us from advancing on the road toward the freedem that is proposed by Jesus Christ?  




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