Saints: January 17 to January 20

January 17. Saint Anthony of Egypt

He was born in Egypt in the 3rd century. When his parents died, he received a huge inheritance and he was also left to care for his younger sister. He felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities and dedicated himself to prayer. Some time later, he felt the call of God to leave everything behind and give himself entirely to God. He gave all his wealth to the poor. Anthony’s sister joined a religious congregation and he became a hermit. When he was already 55 years old, he decided to build a monastery to help others.

What responsibilities do you have that you find heavy to carry? Where do you look for support?


January 18. Blessed Christine

She was a cloistered nun of the 16th century who could have gone totally unnoticed. But people around the monastery realized that Christine and the sisters were bringing great blessings upon them through their prayer. Christine was very much aware of the needs of the poor and she and the sisters helped as much as they could.

Do you believe in the power of prayer? How can you benefit others through your prayer?


January 19. Saint Canute

He was the King of Denmark in the 11th century. He was a great athlete and an excellent military general. He led his people to the Christian faith and offered his crown to Christ the King. He was very charitable and kind to people and served his people with love. But some people in his kingdom did not agree with his position of helping the poor and entered into the church when Canute was praying and killed him. Before dying, Canute had enough time to forgive his murderers and pray for them.  

How do you try to carry out your responsibilities at work or school? Does faith play an important role in your activity?


January 20. Saints Fabian and Sebastian

The Christian people elected Fabian as Pope. He was a layman and died martyr for his faith in the first century of Christianity.

Sebastián was a Roman captain, very well known for his kindness and courage. During the persecution of the Emperor Dioclecian, Sebastian refused to renounce his faith. He was pierced by arrows and thought dead. A Christian woman went to bury him and realized he was still alive. She took him home and healed him. When Sebastian felt well, he went back to the Emperor to plead with him to cease the persecution. But the Emperor ordered his execution.

How important is your faith for you? How do you feel faith helps you in your daily life?


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