January 16 – Saint Berard and Companions

In the 13th century, Berard and his companions traveled to Morocco to preach the Gospel among the Muslims. They stopped in Seville, Spain where they began preaching in the streets and were taken for mad. To save themselves of deportation back to Italy, they asked to speak to the sultan. They were then sent to Morocco, where they spoke to the sultan, who then gave them permission to preach in Morocco. But after the sultan received complaints, he tried to save them by sending them to Marrakech, in west Morocco. But Berard and his companions continued to preach, and the sultan ordered them to cease preaching or to leave the country. Because they had chosen to do neither of the two, he ordered them to be decapitated. Their mission was failed but they inspired many on their journey. 

Do you give up on things that matter to you at the first sign of difficulty?


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