January 13 – Saint Hilary

Hilary was born in France in the 4th century, into a rich Pagan family. He was well educated, married and with a family of his own. In his studies, Hilary had learned that a good person had to practice patience, goodness, and justice. After studying this, he came to the realization that only one good and eternal God could ask of that. He read the Scriptures and converted to Christianity. He lived his life with such intensity that he was named bishop, but after only a short while, the emperor sent him into exile because Hilary was not in accordance with the emperor’s interference in the matters of the church. Hilary utilized the time and exile to write books about the faith. The emperor ordered that he return to Poitiers, and he did so. There he continued to write and teach.

Do you study your faith? Do you make an effort to attend Bible studies, or take theology courses?


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