January 7 - Saint Thorfinn

He was a monk from the 8th century who lived completely unnoticed. But 50 years after his death, they had to open his tomb, and a beautiful fragrance emerged from it. Only one monk remembered him, but he remember the kindness and strength of Thorfinn. They began to ask for his intersession and miracles began to occur near the monastery. They asked the monk who remembered him to write down all his memories of Thorfinn. Seems as though Thorfinn was implicated in an important deal between the church and the state, but years later the king had rejected the agreement and sent Thorfinn into exile. Thorfinn travelled to Norway, where he became bishop, to Holland and later to Belgium where he joined the monastery. He did not have many possessions, but he left them to his family and to charities.

Do you hope someone would remember you after you die?  How do you wish to be remembered?


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