January 4 - Saint Elizabeth Seton

Elizabeth was from a wealthy New York family. In 1794 she married a rich business man who had a fleet of ships. They had five children and led a comfortable and happy life for a few years. But her husband soon lost his fortune and health. Elizabeth thought the climate might be better for him in Italy but, soon after their arrival, her husband died. To the shock and surprise of family and friends, Elizabeth became a Catholic. A few years later, she opened a school for girls in Baltimore, became a nun, and founded the Congregation of Sisters of Charity. Many of her friends, and even her own daughters, joined the congregation. With the congregation, Elizabeth opened many Catholic schools and some orphanages.

By not ignoring reality it leads us to listen to the voice of God in many ways and in different times of our lives. When you have a setback, do you tend to give up? Do you think God might be calling you to something different today?


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