What is ¡OYE! ?

¡OYE! is a bold answer to an urgent situation. Young Hispanics within the Catholic Church are a great many. And their numbers grow dramatically all the time. If they are not the ones to take up the leadership of the Church, no one will.

¡OYE! is an initiative of Claretian Publications that serves as a useful tool in the search of God´s calls in life. These calls could come in the form of a soft breeze. And sometimes such soft sounds need amplification in order to be heard in all their power. An answer to these calls is urgent, and ¡OYE! is an attempt to serve as loudspeakers.

¡OYE! is a yearly free discernment guide that transmits a dynamic message of the calls of God in the lives of young people. ¡OYE! encourages young people to consider the ways in which they might be called, whether they be in a lay commitment, marriage and Christian family life, or the priesthood or religious life.

How can I request copies of ¡OYE!?

To request FREE copies of ¡OYE! through internet, click here.
To request FREE copies of ¡OYE! By phone, please call the toll-free number 1-800-328-6515.


¡OYE! is a publication. It is a web page. It is a resource for young people.

It is an answer to the need of the Church. But it is still more because ¡OYE! is also a movement and a community. It is a building of a vocational awareness and a spiritual path. ¡OYE! seeks to include the voices of Hispanic young people from throughout the country, coming from various Latino countries and from different backgrounds and ages. ¡OYE! seeks to initiate a dialogue to start building a vocational awareness and culture, a safe space where questions can be asked and where the conversation about radical and crucial issues such as commitment and relationship with God can take place.

How did ¡OYE! start?

The staff of the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center of Claretian Publications (which also publishes Nuestra Parroquia, Amigos de Jesús, El Momento Católico, and El Momento Bíblico, among other things) felt the urgent need of the Church to foster the Christian leadership potential of Latino youth. In 2004 the first issue of ¡OYE! was launched. It now reaches about 100,000 young Hispanic Catholics throughout the country.
In 2009, through a generous grant of the Our Sunday Visitor Foundation, a process of redesign was started and the product we now present to you offers possibilities for a great interaction and participation of young people, the first protagonists of this great adventure.

¡OYE!  Staff:

Publisher: Fr. John Molyneux, C.M.F.
Managing Editor: Ángel Carrión-Tavárez
Design, Illustration and Production: John A. Rodríguez
Editorial Assistant: Sandra Navarro

Publications Business Manager: Dave Zwolinski
Advertising & Sales Representatives: Fran Hurst & KathieVotra
Marketing Specialist: Sara Bieszczat
Directory Coordinator: Anita Jackson-Hall

¡OYE! Editorial Board:

Archbishop José Gómez, S.D.T., Archbishop of Los Angeles, California

Mons. Arturo Cepeda, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, Associate Director Hispanic Affairs, USCCB

Carmen Cervantes, Founder and President, Instituto Fe y Vida

Rev. John Guthrie, Associate Director, Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life, and Vocations, USCCB

Dulce Jiménez, Director Spanish Programs, Sadlier, Inc.

Rev. Alejandro López-Cardinale, President, La Red

Dr. Alicia Marill, Professor, Barry University, Miami

Sister Lovina Francis Pammit, O.S.F., Coordinator, Chicago Archdiocesan Vocation Association

Rev. Benjamin Romero-Arrieta, C.M.F., Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church-Chicago, IL

Rudy Vargas, Director, Northeast Pastoral Center


¡OYE!  Website:

Web editor: Víctor Camarena
Web Designer: John A. Rodríguez
Web Developer: Captura Group
Website developed with a grant from: Our Sunday Visitor Foundation


Who publishes ¡OYE!?

The Hispanic Ministry Resource Center, of Claretian Publications, founded in 1990 to provide resources and tools for parish ministry is an initiative of Claretian Missionaries. Following in the footsteps of Saint Anthony Mary Claret, a prolific author and editor whom pope Pius XI called, “the modern apostle of media,”  the Claretians in the United States started their publishing ministry in 1935 with the first issue of the magazine The Voice of Saint Jude. In 1963, during the Second Vatican Council, The Voice of Saint Jude became U.S. Catholic magazine. Today Claretian Publications in Chicago is one of the most respected Catholic publishing houses in the United States.

Who are the Claretians?

The Claretian Missionaries is a Catholic community of priests and brothers. We are devoted to the mission of living out and preaching the Gospel of Jesus.
For more information, visit www.claretiansusa.org


How can I Iearn more about other products of the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center?

For more information, visit our web page www.hispanic-ministry.com or call the client services number 1-800-328-6515.

How can I submit an article for ¡OYE! ?

If you are interested in submitting an article, please send an email ¡OYE! Editors at , telling us about your idea, content, or outline of the article.

To advertise in ¡OYE! Please contact the Advertising Department at 1-312-544-8145.


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